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Merchant Services That Says Yes to More Businesses and Industries. Expand commerce with Secure Virtual Spaces™, use authentication to be compliant and lower risks and eliminate transaction fees for good. PayCERTin is perfect for industries who need age verification, compliance or those that have challenges with high risk or credit cards at all.  PayCERTin uses tokens for transactions and creates security through authentication to protect the merchant and the consumer through digital ledger technology. Merchants can lower their risks, chargeback and risk of termination to take control of their business again. PayCERTin is very competitive and lowers costs be eliminating per transaction fees.


Businesses in compliant industries, high-risk, medical, nutraceutical, spirits, cannabis, cbd, gaming and others need a solution for age verification. There is no competitive merchant fee solutions or secure solutions to protect the merchant and consumer’s privacy. Businesses are at risk of shut-down, regulatory fines and penalties unless they’re compliant.


PayCERTin is the first solution to address the needs of compliant industries with the first age and person verification called IDCERTin to provide a new level of compliance. PayCERTin is priced without per transaction fees so merchants save money on their merchant services to be more competitive. Since BlockCerts is the bank, we’re more flexible on approvals and businesses don’t experience the risk of being turned-off for the latest decision on an industry. PayCERTin allows a merchants to focus on business, not the risks of their merchant account.


Businesses will reduce their risks with compliant age verification and are empowered to set-up their own quick verification requirements. For some industries, like Canadian CBD or Cannabis, we’ve empowered a new on-line distribution channel. For those businesses in a high-risk category due to compliant needs, we’ve resolved the issues. By eliminating the average $.30 per transaction fee, businesses now have a competitive edge.

BCERTin Story – Powered by Users

Powered by Users, BlockCerts gives power to the people. We’re doing to SaaS what Uber did to taxis. SaaS software of the past made over $220 Billion annually on its users, built shiny new buildings, created centralized wealth and strapped businesses with ever-growing seat fees. For every employee the average business spends $780 or more on fee overhead.  Data is centralized and a target for hackers creating common data breaches exposing businesses for liability, fines and loss. Shared links expose valuable data. Data is held hostage if there’s a discrepancy and businesses are left powerless.

BlockCerts has flipped that model upside down for the new world. BCERTin is the first decentralized SaaS solution on the Blockchain. BlockCerts Patented Secure Virtual Spaces with IDCERTin is a new technology to address shortcomings of technology of the past. It’s a secure new way to work, conduct commerce and more, which creates trust and transparency, while protecting identity and data.

The paradigm shift is the power of the people. Everyone becomes an owner of what powers the software through BCERT tokens, versus renting software draining your company month-after-month, year-after-year. Tokens are regenerative, they can be used over and over to power your business. The combined token universe adds greater value to all tokens through transactions. As an owner, you have options on what to do with your tokens in the future. This model slashes business costs, while adding value to a business. It’s a co-op where all token holders become owners of a piece of the next billion-dollar company - power to the people.

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Features PayCERTin

Getting Started is Fast. Ready. Efficient. Exceptional
Get full control of your merchant services to lower your risks while lowering your fees with PayCERTin.
From Platform to Pricing - Hold the Cards in Your Control

Getting Started is Fast. Ready. Efficient. Exceptional.F.R.E.E.
Quickly get Pre-Qualified and get started selling on-line or in-store with confidence. Confidence by lowering your risks of being turned down by credit cards, lower chargebacks since people and cards are authenticated, lower transaction fees to zero!  Fast to get going. Ready to launch. Efficiently drives your entire digital commerce process. Exceptional capabilities that set your business on a streamlined path to success. Our unique and powerful platform enables a unique and powerful win - win pricing model.
We all love “try before you buy” - so we built our entire business model around a scalable solution that lets you maintain full control at every step of your digital growth cycle. Combine PayCERTin with ShopCERTin and take your on-line services to a new level. Now for compliant industries to say “yes” to more. Our F.R.E.E. model gives your business the win-win platform - we understand digital, we believe in freedom and control. We help you hit the ground running with no financial barriers, long term contracts or unpredictable costs. Everything element is tied to your success. When we help you succeed, we join you on the journey - ShopCERTin is your platform partner to win with.BasicBusinessUnified

ID / Age Verificationxxx
Verify every user, every transaction in a seamless flow - ensure compliance where mandated, by regulatory guidelines. No errors or compliance mis-steps, full audit trail and reporting. IDCERTin is the first patented on-line solution on the Digital Ledger.

The PayCERTin Merchant is Just the beginningxxx

Integrate PayCERTin with our ShopCERTin cart and back-office WorkCERTin digital command center to extend your business throughout the entire process.  A full set of tools you set-up for FREE and only pay for when you use them to slash costs across your business while creating new efficiencies and productivity never available before!

The power to integrate your entire business at the points your most critical established tools and teams need to extend into the market for eCommerce - customer transactions.

The power of no-chargeback payments, removing fraud and costly transactions. Payments that redefine the merchant gateway - reducing your costs, eliminating blocks that are expensive or can cripple your business.

Track - Source to Salexxx
Compliance and regulators demand it, customers expect it - the only fully tracked certified transaction platform using the BlockCerts blockchain to validate and certify transactions. Alleviate all questions, ensure fully tracked transactions are a click away. Better service, better reporting, ensured compliance, lower stress and overhead.

Marketing Campaignsxx
Eliminate double entry, double platforms, ineffective costs of added tools. Create a full line of sight digital marketing analytics - through the embedded powerful suite of marketing tools from email to social media with full ad to source tracking. Ramp up marketing campaigns without adding tools, costs or disconnected solutions.

Affiliate markets, with the full suite to manage relationships with the valuable sources the engage with your brand and products. Quickly expand your footprint through the affiliate communities, or create and manage your own affiliate programs.

Activity Channelsxxx
Activity Channels keep everyone in the loop without email, CC, files and PDF’s floating around from inboxes to disconnected file storage. Teams to suppliers, contractors to agencies, with Activity channels get only the access they need. Secure Virtual Space channels enables a clear view of projects to your entire digital enterprise - with a fully unified communications platform (audio, video, IM, SMS built in!) The key tools you need within a collaborative, private channel - you can even manage your entire business flow from your mobile device.

Support Deskxx
No need for disconnected ticketing systems to run your support desk. Support desks easily route throughout your business with Activity Channels, from website modal chat/video support to tickets, escalations and notifications of status automated with every request.

Engage your back-office systems with your digital commerce - from inventory to suppliers, distributors all with portals on the critical connection points into your platform - integrates with any established system.

B2B - B2Px
Collaborating with critical resources drive transactions and facilitate your business revenues. Work seamlessly with your suppliers and key professionals (Doctors, Pharmacists, Experts, Legal) to engage in a rapid flow of information that eliminates back-and-forth unsecure email, phone calls and documents.
eHealth (Physicians, Pharmacists, Patients)x
Legal (Compliance, updates, audits)x
Vendors (certifications, information, support)x

Set any localized language, regulatory or compliance preference required for your business. No borders, no limitations in your scope or scale of operations.

Win - Win Pricingxxx

Pricing model like you’ve never seen before. No per transaction fees and no monthly or annual commitment, no monthly “use it or lose it” evergreen costs you pay. The first eCommerce as a Service platform structured to how your business scales. Offers you full control over your platform, costs and even upside in your platform itself. Turn a cost-center into a profitable asset - just like Amazon did with AWS.

Get pre-qualified and let’s review how your current merchant rate stacks-up with no transaction fees and a fully integrated solution!

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