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Secure Identities & Privacy

BCERTin Vault - privacy and tracking inside every ID and transaction. Trust and truth are at the heart of every successful transaction. Privacy and security for everyone. The digital event trail secured for every stakeholder in the process, start to finish and beyond.

BCERTin starts here

$16.04 (CAD)
Virtual Data Room Re-Invented

Transform beyond traditional data rooms, to complete collaborative data flows. From due diligence & legal to advances in file and IP control. BlockCerts blockchain enables complete security, embedded meetings, tracking, logs, alerts, encrypted and secure for confidence and compliance. Smart contract process flow enabled.

Private Key secured 100% audit ready

$16.04 (CAD)
Telehealth Authentication COVID-19 Solutions

Telehealth has a mandate today. Connect securely, privately and authenticate at scale for mass distribution. Track and collaborate like never before. HealthCERTin is built by BlockCerts Blockchain to deliver a powerful solution to end the healthcare silos NOW.

A new solution for today’s world!

$16.04 (CAD)
Identity Assurance + Privacy

Digital Identity is more than a 1-time verification. Identity and privacy are critical in the next generation of customer and business relationships. Trusted collaboration & automation is the heartbeat of to a new thriving global economy.

IDCERTin KYC Authenticated Handshake™ solution

$16.04 (CAD)
Marketing Optimization

The marketing and customer growth engine that engages prospects and customers in a collaborative relationship from the first contact. Engage and reward affiliates. Grow distribution channels. Empower your sales teams. Remove the barriers with complete digital intelligence.

Smart marketing in every virtual engagement.

$16.04 (CAD)
Video Meetings Virtual Evolution

Virtual meetings that deliver secure access, collaborative work spaces and trackable results. Open a meeting instantly, continue with team collaboration, customer negotiations, esign, support, workflows payments. Logged, recorded, stored, encrypted.

Digital work in a single space, just like you’re in the same office.

$16.04 (CAD)
Eliminate Risks & Lower Cost

We eliminate the risks for merchant gateways that cause high costs, frozen merchant accounts and lost revenues. PayCERTin provides processing protection assurance.

Secure Your Gateway Now

$16.04 (CAD)
Supply Chain. Compliance. Payments.

Distributed Ledger Technology resolves key industry challenges in chain of custody to solve complexity.

See how we do it

Beta release November 2020
$16.04 (CAD)
eCommerce + Pay + Authenticate

Evolve from a “Shopping Cart & Merchant gateway to the platform that confirms customers, eliminates chargeback and risks, and provides your customers trust in the products you provide as authentic.

Guarantee your business growth with confidence

$16.04 (CAD)
Smart Contracts Automated

Create every contract or document as a Smart Contract. Authenticated eSigned signatures, virtual witness and notary video, auto file and store, even automate payments.

Get Smart eSign Evolved

$16.04 (CAD)
Onboard, Train, Productivity

Know Your Team! Authenticated onboarding to video training. Get digital teams organized and moving fast. Full visibility for secure, complete productivity, confidential engagement and process control.

Quality management for team and customer engagement.

$16.04 (CAD)
Track. Manage. Execute.

Every stage of your business flows from documents to supply chain tracked with BlockCerts Blockchain. Improve every business process, reduce costs, gain new collaboration efficiencies and deliver a 100% trusted chain of custody.

Complete control of your workflows.

$16.04 (CAD)
Protect, + Collaborate, + Control

One Click Business. A suite of tools to increase productivity, decrease costs & lock-out risks! The first platform to scale a virtual digital business globally.

Eliminate SaaS Vendor Fees - make your digital platform your most valuable asset!

$16.04 (CAD)